Minggu, 13 Februari 2011

Lee Min-ho Upgrades the Dandy

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Lee Min-ho is back to doing what he does best, modeling that lean body of his in dandy style.
Fans are ecstatic for Lee Min-ho’s return to the dandy style he did so well in “Personal Taste,” co-starring Son Ye-jin.

This time, the tall flower boy is modeling for Trugen‘s spring/summer styles, which fans are happily calling the “kae-chwi look” (개취룩, from a shortening of the title of the drama “kae-in-e chwi-hyang” 개인의 취향, “Personal Taste”  + “look” in Konglish), which is becoming Lee Min-ho’s own personal brand of the ever-popular “dandy” style in Korea, which is a semi-casual, semi-preppy look usually including some combination of pressed pants and button-down shirts and/or vests and sweaters (think J. Crew, for POPSEOULers in the States). Though Trugen usually sits on the more business-y side, Lee Min-ho still manages to channel the dandy in his photo shoot.
Wouldn’t you like to have your own dandy kae-chwi Min-ho?

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